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March 7, 2019
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Benz Micro ABCD – 1 Aesthetix Cartridge Demagnetizer


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A little background info…


The generator assembly inside a moving coil cartridge consists of strong magnets surrounding coils of fine wire. As the stylus traces the groove, the coil moves within the magnetic field, producing a varying voltage. That signal, after amplification, becomes the music we hear.

But there is a problem. Immersed in a potent magnetic field, the coils become partially magnetized over time. This residual magnetism negatively impacts cartridge performance by reducing the variation in voltage output from the coil. Sound becomes slow, turgid and less defined. Since the process of coil magnetization happens slowly over time, we often don’t recognize the problem exists. It is only after removal that we realize performance was being sacrificed.

The Benz/Aesthitix ABCD-1 Cartridge Demagnetizer neutralizes the unwanted magnetic charge by applying a gentle demagnetizing signal, which slowly ramps up and down for maximum effect. The simple battery powered device is very easy to use. Simply plug in your phono leads, and press the start button. Cartridge performance is fully restored in a matter of minutes. Cartridge demagnetization is recommended every one to two weeks.

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