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June 19, 2019
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June 19, 2019

Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm


Ball Bearing 9” Tonearm

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Beauty and Innovation Merged in One Creation

B-5.1 is an elegant tonearm designed for efficiency and completely hand made in Italy with great care to achieve maximum precision. Behind its ease of use, refined engineering is hidden to get the best sonic results. Inside B-5.1 you’ll find four high precision micro ball-bearings manufactured by GRW in Germany and then singularly sealed and packed to preserve their integrity and purity at the best: extreme precision is a crucial factor and it allows B-5.1 to function in ideal noiseless condition to reproduce without effort every musical detail. B-5.1 effective length of 242mm with 19mm overhang makes it easy to install on any turntable.

The tonearm features a double counterweight system to set up most phono cartridge (up to 15-gram mass) – optionally, other extra weights are available to handle even phono cartridges with higher mass. Quality materials, like finely machined Aluminium 6000, and Italian flair make this tonearm the perfect choice for demanding audiophiles. The vertical ball-bearings are pivoted through stainless steel bolts manually adjusted, the horizontal movement is driven by two micro ball-bearings directly inserted in the main rectified pivot. With a 23mm diameter arm shaft, B-5.1 can be secured on every turntable, improving performances and everyday pleasure.




  • 9” Ball Bearing Tonearm, Total length: 315mm
  • Total weight: 200g, Effective length: 242mm
  • Overhang: 19mm, Offset: 24°, Arm wand: Aluminium 6000
  • Shaft: 23mm, Dynamic effective mass: 10g
  • VTF: 0.176N (18g), VTA: adjustable on the collar
  • Lift: hydraulic, Anti-skating: wire,
  • Azimuth: adjustable on the headshell
  • Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,9999% OFC
  • External cables: 1,5m custom 4 pole DIN/RCA
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