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Gold Note PA-1175 MKII


Stereo Power Amplifier 200 watt per channel

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Beauty and Innovation Merged in One Creation

Here is Gold Note’s first stereo amplifier, our latest creation features all the innovations that have always distinguished our designs: PA-1175 merges the knowledge of the acclaimed Demidoff single-ended amplifiers with high power rate never reached before as well as new innovative technologies. PA-1175 is our first stereo Power Amplifier: a new design that features 4 matched pair of transistors per channel with a proprietary Gold Note Optical BIAS and a constant current generator to achieve high-current and high-power rates with ultra-low distortion. Our proprietary and innovative Optical BIAS control the voltage reference of the unit: it features optical decoupling to overcome the inefficient and downgrading solutions of traditional electronics, optically analyzing the audio signal while being completely separated from the audio signal path for the highest protection and unbeatable performance. The BTL technology [Bridge-Tied-Load] allows the unit to be easily bridged in order to work as a mono amplifier, more than doubling its already great power rate from 200W per channel @ 8ohm up to over 500W per channel. The flexibility of PA-1175 and its performance can be pushed even further when used as a mono unit with speakers that really requires high power, massive energy and quality watts. For PA-1175 we developed a custom 640VA toroidal transformer with a unique cut spiral nucleus: the refined mechanical process makes the nucleus completely stable, cancelling any mechanical vibration to guarantee a terrific effect and perfect insulation, further enhanced by the use of original Ducati silent blocks. A secondary small 6VA transformer powers the auxiliary functions with dedicated circuits outside of the audio signal path. PA-1175 is a unique power amplifier: it features an adjustable damping factor technology that you can easily select straight from the frontal panel. Changing the Damping Factor to 250 or 25 will let you find the ideal match between PA-1175 and your speakers: use a 250DF to get the power and control necessary to drive large, difficult speakers or set it on 25DF to use it as a low power tube amplifier, perfect to drive high sensitivity speakers and smaller speakers. To avoid any RFI and EMI potential issue, we have built PA-1175 starting with a massive solid steel chassis and adding thick aluminum panels.




  • HIGH POWER AMP – PA-1175 MKII is a 200Watt per channel @ 8ohm Stereo Power Amplifier bridgeable to have a mono 520Watt per channel
  • GOLD NOTE AUDIO DESIGN – Single-End 8 transistors per channel powered amplifier GN Design derived from the Diamond Line
  • OPTICAL BIAS REGULATION – Full innovative GN optical BIAS regulation design allows ultra-low distortion clean power music signal
  • OPTICAL PROTECTION – Innovative GN design Optical Output Protection enable best audio performance
  • ADJUSTABLE DAMPING FACTOR – Adjustable GN property Damping Factor 250/25 playing alternatively low sensitivity difficult speakers and easy load or mini monitors


  • Power Amplifier with optical BIAS, Power output: 200W per channel @ 8Ω and 520W @ 8Ω in mono BTL
  • Frequency response: 1Hz-100kHz at +/-1dB. THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01%THD @ 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Signal to Noise ratio: -110dB. Damping factor: Selectable 250 or 25. Slew rate: 20V/µs.


  • Stereo RCA, stereo XLR balanced. Input sensitivity: 1000mV on RCA and 4000mV on XLR. Input impedance: 47Kohm
  • Dimensions: 430mm W | 135mm H | 370mm D. Weight: 22 kg


  • Speakers: Gold Note BP-01 Rhodium Plated Binding Posts
  • POWER: Mains supply: 100 to 245V, 50/60Hz, depending on the market destination not convertible
  • Power transformers: 640VA Toroidal Customized Audio Power Transformer and 6VA transformer for all service out of the audio signal path
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