Gold Note PST-10
July 8, 2019
Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage
July 8, 2019

Gold Note PSU-10


Super Inductive & Chokes Hybrid Power Supply for the PH-10 Phono Preamplifier

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Beauty and Innovation Merged in One Creation

It features an inductive filter on the analogue stages and dual choke design powered by a double inductor driving the negative and positive high current stages. The PSU10 features 4 transformers 3 of which working as pure power supply and 1 separated exclusively dedicated to the inductive filter and the two chokes. The Gold Note proprietary Dual Chokes design perfectly filters the signal voltages eliminating all the possible interferences of the AC power system. The PSU10, together with its massive power supply, enables the PH10 phono stage being electro-magnetic shielded and insulated from the AC power system. The large ultra-clean power enhances super low noise, greater dynamic, better resolution and details guaranteeing a more realistic high-end audio performance. Front Panel and Case: Brushed anodized aluminum available in three colours:




  • Four rail audio grade power supply
  • Four ultra-low noise voltage regulator
  • +12V, +5V for logic
  • +/- 14V for analog with inductive noise remover
  • Line regulation for all output 0,05 %/V
  • Load regulation for all output 0,05 %Vu
  • Line noise rejection >80dB
  • Common mode noise rejection >80dB
  • Full power response time <2,5uSecPower
  • Main supply 100/120 & 220/240V automatic selection; 50 or 60 Hz
  • Nominal power: 25W
  • Dynamic power: >50W
  • Stand by power: <1W
  • 20mm L x 80mm H x 260mm D
  • 5 kg