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Luxman PD444 Direct Drive Turntable


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The Luxman PD444 is a direct drive quartz locked turntable,

and its most outstanding feature is its ability to remove all kinds of external load variation thanks to a load free spindle system.

Additionally, the PD444 is made extremely resistant to howling and mechanical vibration by means of insulators of a 2-step brake system with the lowest resonant frequency, and an ultra heavy chassis of sandwich structure made from 2 thick iron plates and a high density chipboard.

Luxman decided to develop an epoch-making turntable with provision for two tonearms, including a long one. Necessary for the two-tonearm PD444 : interchangeable armboards !
These were made not à la Micro but custom engineered for/by Lux with sliding rails and a fixing clutch ; the rails have rulers printed next to them to precisely adjust overhang.
Material is diecast zinc with an added 5mm extruded aluminium top plate for cosmetic coordination.

Technical data


Drive system : direct-drive
Motor : Crystal Control
Load-Free-Spindle system (MDS152C)
Flat Brushless DC Servo motor
Platter : diecast aluminium
30cm / 2,5kg
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
S/N ratio : > 75dB
Wow & flutter : < 0,025% (WRMS)
Inertia moment : ??
Torque : 1kg / cm2
Temperature drift : < 0,00003% / C°
Turning accuracy : 0,002%
Pitch control : no
Full speed ahead : ?
Acrylic resin cover : 4mm thick with semi-free-stop hinge
Lock indicator : blue (33 1/3)
orange (45rpm)
Arm bases : 2 detachable diecast
Tonearm switch : T1 & T2, interchangeable
Dustcover : 4mm acrylic resin, hinged
PC : 16W
Dimensions : 66,4 x 39,2 x 16cm (PD444)