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September 30, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Thorens TD 124 MKII Turntable


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The Roll Royce of vintage turntables

There are quite a few legendary names in high fidelity which are capable of sparking joy in the hearts of most audiophiles when mentioned. The record player we are talking about here – the Thorens TD 124 – certainly occupies a place at the top of the ranking. The Thorens TD 124 MKII is a great example of Swiss engineering, It is a combination of a belt drive and an idler wheel drive. The TD124 has 4 speeds: 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. The platter of every TD124 is topped by a light aluminum sub platter.

The MKII version, which was built from 1965 to the end of production in 1967, was even slightly more of a success and found an astonishing 35,000 satisfied customers in the short period of construction. The TD 124 was presented in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, with a great deal of self-confidence. The TD stood for “Tourne Disques” = turntable, while the combination of numbers has remained a mystery to this day.

This Thorens TD124 MKII has been carefully serviced and updated with a Hanze-HiFi motor spring kit, Woodsong platter-mat adapter and Platter Matter rubber mat. (original mat and 45 adapter included).

Offered with a custom Classic Sound Teak plinth accommodating a vintage SME 3009 MKII non improved tonearm and a modern Jelco 750 E 10″ tonearm. This is a unique table you will unlikely see offered again.