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December 12, 2019
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Vintage Technics SP-25 Turntable


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The SP-25 turntable offers a similar standard of excellence as the SP-10mkII professional units.

Features include total quartz locked pitch control within a 6% range from rated speeds, full cycle detection FG, extremely high torque, a large turntable platter with high moment of inertia, electronic braking system, integral rotor/platter motor construction and highly effective chassis damping.

Quartz locked control means virtually perfect speed accuracy. But in most quartz controlled turntables, this accurate speed control circuit is defeated when pitch changes are required.

Now, with the SP-25, pitch is variable continuously (analogically) under total quartz locked control.

This Classic Sound offering features a custom Walnut plinth, Jelco tonearm and Grado Black cartridge.


Drive method: direct drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Motor: quartz locked

Pitch control: +-6%

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -78dB

Start-up time: 0.7s to 33rpm

Dimensions: 349 x 85 x 372mm

Weight: 4.8kg

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